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You have graduated from a reputable Engineering School (or a reputable Business School and have relevant experience in the industrial sectors). You have at least 3 years of sales experiences on a similar position in the industrial sectors. Bilingual (Portuguese and English), you ideally have knowledge in French. You also have some knowledge in sales administration and, ideally, in local employment laws. Mozambicans or having already worked in this country, you already have a local network.


Maputo, Mozambique

Busca fornecer uma plataforma única de informações e oportunidades de negócios para empresas internacionais de petróleo (IOCs), operadoras, governo, empresas de serviços e outras partes interessadas


Rua das Rosas, 390, R/C, Esquerdo, Bairro Sommerschield 2, Maputo.


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