Lead Sourcing & Recruitment (Maputo)

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May 17, 2021, 10:00:00 PM

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Recruitment Description / Key Accountabilities

-Design and implement sustainable talent acquisition and hiring plans and strategies to contribute to the Country’s growth and development.

-Design a high-level sourcing plan for the year in alignment with the Sasol Talent Management Framework and based on the annual workforce requirements in regards to talent acquisition.

-Establish and implement new full-cycle recruitment processes that contribute to the achievement of the country’s needs and objectives.

-Accountable for full sourcing, head-hunting and recruitment process for all level of the organisation in Mozambique (all sites). Close audit gaps by providing a centralised focus for all Mozambique recruitments, ensuring streamlined and standardised processes and practices (ensuring all sites and offices are adhering to the same practices). Govern and support the project environment.

-Close language barrier & local market knowledge gaps. Improve reference checking gaps, use of T@W (SAP success factors).

-Develop and execute selection processes (e.g. conduct interviews, screening calls, administer assessments, etc.)

-Recruit, lead, and train the HR and recruitment team that contributes to the accomplishment of the country’s needs.

-Manage and coordinate with the recruitment team in Shared Services to achieve successful activities and guarantee compliance to set processes.

-Inform the team of and guarantee adherence to labour law and Sasol Group’s policies.

-Set KPIs to measure and evaluate the team’s performance.

-Analyse and asses hiring needs for relevant departments to provide employee hiring forecast. Manage job positions and vacancies that need to be filled.

-Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to network and advertise job openings through various tools.

-Review applications and background check reports to determine suitable candidates that meet the vacant position’s requirements.

-Participate in and lead the employee recruitment process (e.g. interviews and assessments) along with the recruitment team.

-Negotiate contracts with top applicants in compliance with compensation policies.

-Create and monitor a candidate pipeline to identify and recruit talented resources efficiently.

-Identify trends, risk, and concerns. Monitor, report, and mitigate talent sourcing risks in key markets. Recommend and implement preventative measures.

-Liaise with external stakeholders (e.g. universities and key associations) to establish strategic relations to source top students.

-Evaluate bottlenecks in recruitment processes to improve the BU’s overall hiring effectiveness. Propose and execute corrective measures.

-Conduct research to attract talents, identify fit candidates, and understand new trends and industry needs.

-Conduct employee satisfaction evaluations to measure satisfaction rates, retain employees, and provide training.

-Adjust annual planning with new sourcing requirements and adjust resource planning and loading to respond to the OME’s needs.

-Submit report to management on vacant positions, interview processes, and newly hired candidates.

-Ensure local onboarding programme in place to ascertain new hires alignment with information, knowledge, and processes necessary to fulfil their roles.

-Plan and ensure execution of onboarding programmes.

-Communicate with new hires, provide them with necessary information and documentation and process employment paperwork.

-Schedule and conduct team introduction sessions and site tours.

-Ascertain new hires have the necessary technology and tools to perform their roles.

-Provide personalised guidance to new hires and assist them through onboarding process.

Formal Education

University Bachelor's Degree

Min Experience

6+ relevant years

Must be fluent in Portuguese


Business Leadership: Demonstrates commercial acumen, a global mind-set and exercises sound judgement. Achieves results through others and holds them accountable.

Partnership Leadership: Persuades and influences stakeholders; builds relationships and partnerships for win-win outcomes. Builds teams and creates synergies through working across boundaries.

People Leadership: Authentically and inclusively engages people to follow; leads culture transformation. Builds capability and leverages diversity for competitive advantage.

Self-Mastery: Takes accountability for driving own growth through developing self-awareness, reflecting, seeking feedback and self-correcting

Strategic Leadership: Provides vision and direction aligned to One Sasol. Leads organisational change, innovation and sustainability.

Business Acumen: Be proficient in Business English

Closing Date: 4 June 2021